Lise's debut album out now on Decca

Lise's debut album out now on Decca

Lise's debut album for Decca Classics is out now. You can also purchase the album from Presto Classical and Amazon. The recording celebrates the legacy of song throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries, with Lise singing iconic works including Richard Strauss' Four Last Songs and arias from Ariadne auf Naxos and Tannhäuser.

The much-anticipated release has already been met with great acclaim from the music press:

“Only 32, Davidsen is being hailed as the next great Wagnerian soprano because of her clarion, multi-colored voice with its seemingly unlimited capacity to soar over heavy orchestration.”
Associated Press
, May 2019

“…her promise is boundless and the sheer beauty of her voice is enthralling”
, May 2019

“This album only reinforces the fact that she is one of the greatest vocal talents to have emerged in recent years, if not decades.”
, May 2019

“No emerging soprano has made quite the same stir recently as Lise Davidsen. Here, finally, is her first solo CD. It covers Wagner and Strauss repertoire recorded by many of the greatest voices – and yet several of Davidsen’s versions go straight towards the very top of the playlist. It’s not just the voice – though that is special in itself, gleaming and electric in tone, and buoyed by a seemingly endless supply of breath. It’s also the way she is able to create a still fulcrum even while all Wagner and Strauss’s orchestral manoeuvres churn around her.”
, May 2019


From Wagner’s Tannhäuser (Role: Princess Elisabeth)

  1. “Dich, teure Halle”
  2. “Allmächtige Jungfrau” (Elisabeth’s Prayer)

From Strauss’ Ariadne auf Naxos (Role: Ariadne)

  1. “Es gibt ein Reich”

Strauss’ Four Lieder, Op. 27

  1. Ruhe, meine Seele!
  2. Cäcilie
  3. Heimliche Afforderung
  4. Morgen!
  5. Strauss: Wiegenlied / Op.41 No.1
  6. Strauss: Malven / TrV 297, AV 304

Strauss’ Four Last Songs:

  1. Frühling
  2. September
  3. Beim Schlafengehen
  4. Im Abendrot

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